On The Issues


Below is a high level summary of where Brandon stands on a number of mainstream issues. Please Contact or Tweet Brandon if you have any questions about an issue not covered below or would like him to elaborate or clarify his stance on any issue. 

Limiting Military Aggression & Reducing Defense Spending       

The United States must start to limit international intervention. We should no longer consider ourselves to be the world’s police force, and instead start to limit military support and funding for conflicts that have little to no impact on the safety and well-being of US citizens.

  • To start, we must end the war in Afghanistan that has been raging for well over a decade now. We must question why the United States is still engaged in war with no clear purpose of objective. The cost of American lives and billions of dollars is out of control.
  • Additionally, our constant provocation in North Korea, Syria and other nations must end. We again must hold the government accountable to clearly outline our purpose and objective when we begin to provoke world wars.
  • Military spending has spiraled out of control as big government contracts have been doled out to big business. The circle of crony capitalism to drive military spending, and in turn concoct war, must end.

Reducing Taxes & Entitlements

Individuals and corporations must be allowed to keep more of the money they earn. Excessive taxation to fund wasteful government agencies and entitlement programs must be reined in immediately.

  • The history of our nation is rooted in the resistance of taxation. Simply put, the coercive taxation system that exists today is unjust. Individual tax rates at all levels - along with corporate tax rates - should be reduced significantly.
  • To balance this decrease in tax revenue, we must start to responsibly wind down the expansion entitlement programs that are in place today. This is a critical path as our nation begins to cut into our nearly $20T national debt.

Reforming Our Education System At All Levels

Education for our children is one of the most personal and important decisions that we make. I have three solutions that will improve our educational system at all levels.

  • Providing parents with school vouchers would enable choice. Choice, for parents to decide how they feel their children should best be educated. This will be particularly beneficial as digital learning programs advance and evolve how our children learn.
  • High school students need vocational training. They need to learn the skills needed to succeed in the job market of tomorrow. Switzerland follows this model and consistently has very low unemployment and high standard quality of living.
  • Get government out of the student loan business. Knowing everyone will receive assistance, colleges and universities have been enabled to raise tuition prices at a rate that outpaces inflation. Our government financing higher education is the driving force behind unreasonable tuitions increases.

Reducing the Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare and prescription drug costs are increasing at an unsustainable rate. Getting the government out of the healthcare business is the first step toward promoting competition and reducing the financial burden placed on individuals today. I am proposing solutions that we all can support.

  • Promote major accident health insurance to drastically lower the cost of individual insurance and drive the direct primary care market.
  • Allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from overseas. The same prescription drugs are often sold overseas for a fraction of the price that they sell for in the United States. Promote global competition and trade and watch prices fall.
  • Reform patent law and exclusivity rights. Pharmaceutical companies today and abuse patent laws and exclusivity rights to limit competition. Fair reforms would protect innovation, but also promote competition that equates to lower prices.

Driving Small Business Growth & Better Jobs

Federally mandated business regulation has expanding out of control. Small businesses have been hit the worst. We need to reduce unnecessary business regulations that limit innovation and hinder economic growth in our country.

  • We must start to ease small business regulation. Federal oversight has been missing in recent decades and has equated to the average yearly cost of regulation per employee being over $11,000. This isn’t right and limits the growth of the small businesses that create two thirds of the jobs in this country.
  • Many open jobs are going unfilled today. Vocational training is needed to ensure that future generations have the skills of the future needed to qualify for the job market of tomorrow.

Ending the War on Drugs

It’s time to end the failing “War on Drugs.” Drug abuse has exploded in the past decade while excessive criminal enforcement has led to crowded prisons and broken spirits. The current approach is simply not working. 

  • Drug abuse should be decriminalized and drug addicts, particularly opioid addicts, should be treated as a patient with a health issue. The criminalization of drug abuse not only does not reduce drug use but it also equates to dangerous, even deadly conditions, when abusers are imprisoned without the proper health care to combat their addiction. We must stop the failed, vicious cycle of criminalizing drug use.

Improving Our Immigration System

We are a nation of immigrants. Nearly all of our ancestors who immigrated as recently as two generations ago would not be eligible to legally immigrate to the United States today. Our country was founded on the ideal of equal opportunity for all. Let’s ensure the next generations of future American citizens are able to arrive and thrive in our great nation, like our parents and grandparents before us.

  • Our country needs a two-part approach to immigration reform. First, we must address our law-abiding neighbors and friends who are working here without documentation. The best solution is to create a simple work visa program to address their status. It’s simply not practical or cost effective to deport millions of people.
  • Secondly, simplifying the immigration process will be a critical step toward creating a diverse, thriving society. Extensive backgrounds checks will be needed to ensure that those who we allow in are law-abiding individuals.