About Brandon


Who is Brandon Reiser?

Brandon is a husband, father of two, volunteer and business leader. Born, raised, and educated in Massachusetts, Brandon moved to Corona del Mar shortly after graduating from Bentley University.

He started his professional career with a local consulting firm leading large scale engagements with dozens of Fortune 500 clients. Brandon then joined a global investment management leader where he has been driving positive change for the past 7 years. All along the way Brandon has had a passion for helping people in both a professional setting as a leader and mentor, as well as in a community setting as a volunteer.

Why should I vote for Brandon?

We need a leader who has no allegiance to party politics and acts in the best interest of people. The principal commitment from Brandon is that he will endlessly defend personal liberties, safety of the American people, and equality for all. Our nation has become increasingly polarized due to career politicians who are not serving the best interest of the American people. It’s time we elect a true outsider who isn’t a pawn to political party purity tests and can rattle the cage on Capitol Hill.