On The Issues

Below is a high level summary of where Brandon stands on a number of mainstream issues. Please Contact or Tweet Brandon if you have any questions about an issue not covered below or would like him to elaborate or clarify his stance on any issue. 

Driving Economic Growth

Federally mandated business regulation has expanded out of control. We need to reduce unnecessary business regulations that limit innovation and hinder open market competition. Our country has the world’s best and brightest talent. I will help enable entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to compete and capitalism to thrive.

  • The over-regulation and taxation of small business has stymied innovation and growth in this country. We must reduce startup hurdles that entrepreneurs face today when they have an idea to start a business and create new jobs.
  • In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis wide-spanning legislation was passed to regulate almost all facets of the financial services industry. While parts of the legislation are beneficial, most parts are now overburdening business with regulatory constraints. We must repeal parts of Dodd-Frank and ease the regulatory burden on business. 

Reforming Taxes & Reducing Government Waste

Individuals and corporations must be allowed to keep more of the money they earn, period. Excessive taxation to fund wasteful government agencies and programs must be reined in immediately. 

  • There is an opportunity in nearly every piece of federal legislation to cut the fat and ensure that tax dollars are spent responsibly. It is my passion to ensure that wasteful government programs are reformed or eradicated.
  • Excessive federal taxation, in all tax brackets, is not representative of the values that this country was built on. I will drive for tax reform that allows you to keep more of the money that you earn.

Fighting for Women’s Rights

For far too long, men in Washington have been turning a blind eye to the discrimination of women in the workplace and have gone even further in attempts to mandate very personal decisions such as birth control and abortion. It’s clear that a significant change is needed in Washington to change the male dominated culture and advocate for women’s rights. I will be an advocate for women in the workplace and stand up for the personal choices they choose to make.   

  • Workplace discrimination has equated to lower pay for women and limited opportunities. We need leadership in Washington that will not only talk the talk, but will also pass legislation that levels the playing field.  
  • Only a woman herself can decide what is best for her body and her life. Abortion is a decision that should be very carefully considered, but ultimately that decision is left entirely to the woman herself.

Forming an Education System for the Future

The primary problem facing the youth of today is inadequate preparation for the job market of tomorrow. The outdated common set of educational standards passed down from the federal level are not focusing on the skills of the future needed in technology, mathematics, and business analysis.

  • Educational programs should be left entirely up to the state and local government. We must abandon the failed federal programs that limit individual potential and instead focus on tailored educational programs that prepare all students for life after school.
  • Corporations need to invest in the youth of tomorrow. Vocational training programs are needed to prepare high school aged students with the skills of the future. A vocational training approach not only will create a healthy domestic job market, it will also reduce corporate recruiting and training costs.

Ending the War on Drugs

It’s time to end the failing “War on Drugs.” Drug abuse has exploded in the past decade while excessive criminal enforcement has led to crowded prisons and broken spirits. The current approach is simply not working.  

  • Drug abuse should be decriminalized and drug addicts, particularly opioid addicts, should be treated as a patient with a health issue. The criminalization of drug abuse not only does not reduce drug use but it also equates to dangerous, even deadly conditions, when abusers are imprisoned without the proper health care to combat their addiction. We must stop the failed, vicious cycle of criminalizing drug use.

Reforming our Immigration System

We are a nation of immigrants. Nearly all of our ancestors who immigrated as recently as two generations ago would not be eligible to legally immigrate to the United States today. Our country was founded on the ideal of equal opportunity for all. Let’s ensure the next generation of future American citizens are able to arrive and thrive in our great nation, like our parents and grandparents before us. 

  • Our country needs a two-part approach to immigration reform. First, we need to grant amnesty to our law-abiding neighbors and friends who are here illegally. It’s simply not practical or cost effective to deport millions of people.
  • Secondly, simplifying the immigration process will be a critical step toward creating a diverse, thriving society. Extensive backgrounds checks will be needed to ensure that those who we allow in are law-abiding individuals.  

Establishing a Fair Health Care System for All

Obamacare is not perfect. The American Health Care Act passed by the Republican controlled House of Representatives on May 4th, 2017 is far from perfect. The reality is that the United States health care system is beyond broken. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have proposed legislation that will drive meaningful improvement in the best interest of all. There have been significant winners and losers in both the Republican and Democratic plans and subsequent legislation. We need to start improving our healthcare system by tackling issues one by one.

  • Each and every decision I make, piece of legislation I draft, and vote I cast will be rooted in the belief that all individuals should have access to the affordable healthcare services they need.
  • Private health insurance is not a right. No individual is entitled to the time and services offered by private health care providers. It is imperative that we limit government intervention in the private health care market.
  • Mandating that individuals enroll in a health insurance plan is an intrusion of personal freedom. Mandating that private business provide health insurance is also an intrusion of private enterprise. Government has no role in dictating either.

National Security & Defense Spending

The United States must start to limit international intervention. We should no longer consider ourselves to be the world’s police force, and instead start to limit military support and funding for conflicts that have little to no impact on the safety and well-being of US citizens.  

  • Problems that exist in Syria, North Korea, and other foreign countries should be left up to those counties to solve. We cannot enter into another Iraq-like war that will result in the loss of American lives and a huge check for the American taxpayers.
  • Military spending has spiraled out of control as big government contracts have been doled out to big business. The circle of crony capitalism to drive military spending, and in turn concoct war, must end.

Ending LGBTQ Discrimination

Personal choices should be just that: personal. No one has the right to interfere with, or discriminate against, matters of sexual preference or gender identity. I believe we are all created equal and that any legislation or program that discourages equality should immediately be eliminated.

The 2nd Amendment & A Common Sense Approach

We must uphold our Constitutional right to bear arms. The answer to curbing gun violence is to address the issues that lead to violence in any form.

  • Incidents where terrorist watch list individuals and mentally ill people are allowed access to guns aren’t actually gun law issues. In each case solving the root cause would hinder the ability of a terrorist watch list or mentally ill individual from buying a gun (or any other weapon or substance that could hurt people).

Doing Whatever It Takes To Support Veterans

Those who bravely served our country deserve to come home to the best health care, job opportunities, and support programs that match their demonstrated commitment to our freedom as a nation. I believe it is our obligation as a nation to repay veterans by ensuring they are set up for success as they integrate back in to society.

Preserving our Environment

It is our obligation to preserve our environment for future generations. Neither the private sector nor our government has been held accountable for harming our environment. Establishing strict and punitive legislation that holds individuals and corporations accountable will be a step toward preserving our glorious parks, beaches, and wildlife for generations to come.